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What is DRx and DTx in LTE architecture?

Discontinuous Reception (DRX) and Discontinuous Transmission (DTX) used in LTE architecture for Power Saving.LTE architecture exploits the idea of Discontinuous Reception (DRX) and Discontinuous Transmission (DTX), to provide a concrete solution to the power saving. Power save protocols in LTE architecture. Discontinuous Reception (DRX) Discontinuous Transmission (DTX) Both reducing transceiver duty cycle while in active… Read More »

How to improve Network Performance at Mass Events?

The growth and demand for advanced and ubiquitous cellular services has steadily increased over the past years, and the rapid growth of Smartphone devices has exponentially accelerated this demand. Smartphone penetration growth has introduced whole new trends in data applications. Due to high demand of bandwidth over the time congestion increased in cellular networks. In… Read More »

What is UMTS Paging?

Paging process in UMTS or HSDPA system is called UMTS Paging. The Paging Channel (PCH) is a downlink transport channel. The PCH is always transmitted over the entire cell. The transmission of the PCH is associated with the transmission of physical-layer generated Paging Indicators, to support efficient sleep-mode procedures. Paging Channel selection System information block… Read More »

Uplink CE Congestion in 3G

What is Uplink CE Congestion? Congestion in CE (Channel Element) in Uplink is calles Uplink CE Congestion.In 3G network mostly CE congestion observed in Uplink Direction. What is CE(Channel Element)? A band Channel Element is the resource base required in the Node-B to Provide for one voice channel capacity, including the control plane to Provide… Read More »

What is Liquid Radio?

Liquid Radio enables a more economic use of network resources through sharing and redistributing capacity based on user demand. Nokia Siemens Networks has also announced its innovative Flexi Multiradio Antenna System as part of the Liquid Radio architecture. Nokia Siemens Networks Liquid Radio adapts the capacity and coverage of your networks to match fluctuations in… Read More »