What is HEMT(High Electron Mobility Transistor) RF transistors?

By | May 9, 2014
  • HEMT stands for High Electron Mobility Transistor.High Electron Mobility transistor, is also called the HFET or MODFET provides exceedingly high levels of performance at microwave frequencies.
  • High Electron Mobility Transistor is a form of field effect transistor, FET, that is used to provide very high levels of performance at microwave frequencies.
  • The HEMT offers a combination of low noise figure combined with the ability to operate at the very high microwave frequencies. Accordingly the device is used in areas of RF design where high performance is required at very high RF frequencies.
  • A High-electron-mobility transistor (HEMT), also known as heterostructure FET (HFET) or modulation-doped FET (MODFET), is a field-effect transistor incorporating a junction between two materials with different band gaps (i.e. a heterojunction) as the channel instead of a doped region (as is generally the case for MOSFET).

Invention :

  • The invention of the HEMT is usually attributed to Takashi Mimura Fujitsu, Japan.
  • In America, Ray Dingle and his co-workers in Bell Laboratories also played an important role in the invention of the HEMT
  • In Europe, Daniel Delagebeaudeuf and Trong Linh Nuyen from Thomson-CSF (France) filed for a patent of this device on the 28th of March 1979.

Versions of HEMTs:

  • pHEMT
  • mHEMT
  • Induced HEMT


  • Wireless Base Stations; Radio Frequency (RF) PowerTransistors
  • High-Voltage Electronics; PowerTransmission Lines
  • Wireless BroadbandAccess; High-Frequency PowerMMICs
  • Mixed-Signal Integration; PowerConditioning
  • Radar/Communication Links

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