What is Liquid Radio?

By | July 18, 2013

Liquid Radio enables a more economic use of network resources through sharing and redistributing capacity based on user demand.

Liquid Radio

Liquid Radio

Nokia Siemens Networks has also announced its innovative Flexi Multiradio Antenna System as part of the Liquid Radio architecture. Nokia Siemens Networks Liquid Radio adapts the capacity and coverage of your networks to match fluctuations in user demand. It maximizes network performance and minimizes operating costs by automating operations.
It includes built on Software Suites, Single RAN Active Antenna Systems, Baseband Pooling and Unified and SON-enabled Heterogeneous Networks.

Nokia Siemens Networks Liquid Radio Software Suites

  • Liquid Radio LTE Software Suite
  • Liquid Radio WCDMA Software Suite
  • Liquid Radio GSM Software Suite

Single RAN Active Antenna Systems
Baseband Pooling
Unified and SON-enabled Heterogeneous Networks

The business benefits

  • increases the efficiency of your mobile broadband networks
  • improves the user experience and so drives customer loyalty
  • offers flexible and responsive products which can adapt to broadband demand

Three key pillars of Liquid Broadband

  • End-to-end Quality of Service (QoS) differentiation enables operators to apply different QoS classes to different customers and/or applications, so they can prioritize network traffic according to the subscriber’s service package and the application they are using
  • Operator Content Delivery Network (CDN) extends the capabilities of Global CDN providers into the mobile network and integrates them with mobile broadband architecture functions for controlling, optimizing and adapting content
  • Liquid Applications, enabled by the Radio Applications Cloud Server, transforms base stations into a local hub for new service creation and delivery and enables operators to host content locally on the base station with QoS guarantees for priority content

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