How to improve Network Performance at Mass Events?

By | July 30, 2013
Neo Analysis

Neo Analysis

The growth and demand for advanced and ubiquitous cellular services has steadily increased over the past years, and the rapid growth of Smartphone devices has exponentially accelerated this demand.

Smartphone penetration growth has introduced whole new trends in data applications.
Due to high demand of bandwidth over the time congestion increased in cellular networks.
In mass events congestion causing poor network performance and hence it will impact negative customer experiencs.
The senario particularly problemetic at Parades,Stadium or Any Temples.
At Mass event it is particularly shown high uplink usage because of instant sharing of Photo and Video.
The planning of these events must be especially careful, taking into account the uplink capacity and the control plane dimensioning. Network RF planning in large open areas creates further challenges in terms of inter-cell interference and good user balance between frequency layers.Mass events set high requirements on mobile networks. A large number of users in a small area, more uplink/downlink traffic, and high transmission frequency of small packet bursts combined with challenging RF planning. The use of neoAnalysis® has helped Operators to adapt the network to these specific requirements by implementing network configuration, user performance analysis and final network dimensioning to meet the best possible User Experience.

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